Print ISSN : 0973-6263
E-ISSN: 2278 - 4535
SCIE Impact Factor 0.294
2nd International Society BioTechnology Conference
ISBT-2013 at
Antwerp, Belgium
Hearty congratulations to you all, Our SCI impact factor has increased thrice or twice for year 2012. Disaster Advances : 2.272; Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment : 0.636; Research Journal of BioTechnology :0.294        

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6th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment ICCE-2013 at Antwerp, Belgium

International Conference of Disaster Prevention Technology and Management (DPTM-2012) China

ISM-2012 1st International Society Management Conference

ISBT-2013 2nd International Society BioTechnology Conference


We welcome your submission to our blind peer reviewed, international monthly online journal  “Research Journal of BioTechnology” ( E-ISSN 2278-4535; Print-ISSN 0973-6263) in field of BioTechnology, Bio-Chemistry, Micro-Biology, Nano Technology, Life Sciences etc. Our journal has been published regularly for the past nine years. The journal has SCI impact factor of 0.294 for year 2012 assessed from January 2012 to December 2012. Impact factor for year 2011 was 0.143; for year 2010 it was 0.284 and for year 2009 it was 0.174.

Our journal is indexed and abstracted in:

Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch®)


BioTechnology Citation Index®

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Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition.

Submissions are sent to two experts for review and if both the experts approve, then we accept the paper for publication. We are continually improving the journal, with the goal of having one of the ten best international scientific journals in the world. Therefore, we are presently in search of a good team of editors, associate editors, co-editors, regional editors, subject editors and conference editors throughout the world. Our interdisciplinary journal publishes only the most cutting-edge research, with the goal of connecting scientists to develop various research projects in consultation with a variety of industry partners for the benefit of mankind.

Journal membership is of three types- Fellow, Life and Annual. Details are given under the heading “membership” on our website or

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We respect your work as a researcher and therefore we are requesting your participation in our journal and in our conference.

Our journals are :

1. Disaster Advances: SCI impact factor for year 2012 is 2.272 as assessed from January 2012 to December 2012 . In year 2011, our impact factor was 0.692;; indexed by SCI and SCOPUS
2. Research Journal of BioTechnology:   SCI impact factor for year 2012 is  0.294 as assessed from January 2012 to December 2012 . In year 2011, our impact factor was 0.143;; indexed by SCI and SCOPUS and  Chemical Abstracts etc.
3. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment:  SCI impact factor for year 2012 is 0.636 as assessed from January 2012 to December 2012 . In year 2011, our impact factor was 0.379 ; ; indexed by SCI and SCOPUS and Chemical Abstracts etc.
4. Advances In Management: ; indexed in Cabell's Directory and RePec
We are going to publish many more journals in different fields.
3rd ISBT 2015 in association with 7th ICCE will be organized in Australia by Research Journal of BioTechnology. Venue and dates will be announced soon. We have organized successfully conferences ICCE ( International Congress of Chemistry and Environment ) ICCE-2001, ICCE-2005 in India; third conference ICCE-2007 in Kuwait. 4th conference ICCE-2009 was held in Thailand. 5th ICCE 2011 was held at Malaysia from 27th to 29th may 2011 to celebrate 2011 as International Year of Chemistry. 6th ICCE 2013 was  organized at Antwerp, Belgium in association with University of Antwerp from 08th July to 10th July 2013.

Research Journal of BioTechnology organized 2nd International Society BioTechnology Conference ISBT- 2013 alongwith ICCE-2013 at Antwerp, Belgium from 8th July to 10th July 2013 in association with University of Antwerp, Belgium. The first international biotechnology conference ISBT-2008 was held at Gangtok, Sikkim, India from 28th to 30th December 2008 successfully where 400 delegates from 20 countries participated. 

3rd  International Conference of Disaster Prevention Technology and Management (DPTM 2014) will be  organized by Journal "Disaster Advances" (Impact Factor 2.272) ,Chongqing University, Chung Hua University and National Chin-Yi University of Technology at Taiwan from 13 Sep. 2014 to 14 Sep. 2014.

2nd DPTM-2012 (2nd International Disaster Prevention Technology and Management Conference) was organized successfully from 9th September 2012 to 10th September 2012 at Chengdu, China in association with Chongqing University, Chongqing, China and Xihua University, Chengdu, China. We have organized our First International Disaster Prevention Technology and Management Conference (DPTM – 2010) at  Chongqing, P.R.CHINA from 23rd Oct 2010 to 25th Oct 2010 in collaboration with Chongqing University, CHINA.

We are establishing  "Environmental Disasters Research Institute" at INDIA to reduce sufferings from Natural Disasters, to decrease the amount of damage caused by disasters, to make people aware and to respond promptly in the aftermath of disasters. The task is great and therefore we request you to cooperate and help us in achieving our goal. One can not be a silent witness to these disasters and you should come ahead to donate for establishing this institute.

We also request you to recommend our journal for manuscripts to staff members and your colleagues.

We request you to contribute research papers in our journal at earliest. Your manuscripts, contributions, suggestions about journals and conferences are  welcome.

Kind regards and best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
Prof.Dr.Shankar Gargh

M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), Ph. D., MBA (U.S.), LL.B., FICCE., FISBT, FISM, FICDM, A. Inst. Pet. (UK) ;

Address : Sector  AG / 80, Scheme no.54, Vijaynagar, A.B.Road, INDORE 452010, INDIA
Mobile : +91-9425056228; Personal E mail : Websites : ; ; ; ;


Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, India  
Advances in Management, India  
Research Journal of BioTechnology, India 
Disaster Advances, India


Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, Romania
Journal of Agro-Environ Sciences, China

International Congress of Chemistry and Environment
International Society of BioTechnology
International Society of Management
International Congress of Disaster Management
Environmental Disasters Research Institute
The Management , Environment and Science Research Society

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We are publishing three more Journals :

"Research Journal of BioTechnology"

"Disaster Advances" and "Advances In Management"

We are establishing "Environmental Disaster Research Institute" soon.